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Cloud like economics combined with enterprise capability makes HyperConvergence one of the most promising emerging technologies for the corporate data center. 

The results are significant and include lower CAPEX as a result of lower upfront prices for infrastructure, lower OPEX through reductions in operational expenses and personnel, and faster time-to-value for new business needs.

Data Center Consolidation

Reduce the footprint of your data center and generate 300% TCO savings across CAPEX and OPEX by simplifying your infrastructure.

Extend and simplify management of entire network with a single management screen. Improve business agility eliminating the complexity of the legacy technology stack. Speed time to market with shorter deployment times and simpler data migrations.

Business Continuity/DR

Our business continuity planning helps to prevent interruption of mission-critical applications, and to re-establish the full functioning of those applications as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We provide radical simplification of data protection with the reduction of backup management, reduction of data movement, and reduction of training while also reducing recovery time and increasing the number of restore points.

Data & Storage Management

Minimize downtime during a migration. Reduce the risk of migrations and restores failing. Reduce the risk of weekend work to ensure migration success. Speed the business migration process for a data center move or company acquisition. Minimize the need for a large WAN wipe to migrate over distance; only unique data will be transferred as a result of global deduplication, compression and optimization.

Cloud Solutions

Extend your infrastructure to cloud based services while maintaining the security and control you have for your own infrastructure.

Backup and disaster recovery to the cloud.

Simplify your life and make better decisions with a single management screen.

Process Improvement and Lean

One of the greatest benefits and differentiators of Greva is that we employ process improvement and Lean experts. This allows us to analyze the entire business from customer acquisition to delivery and customer service. Only at this point can we determine the technology solution that will truly add value to the customer. We, additionally, are able to streamline your business with the use of the newly implemented technology.

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